Soul Coaching – Introduction I

This books embarks you on a journey to a better being, with mind, body and spirit all connect and align as ONE. 


Have you ever wonder…who you are, why you are here, what your mission in life is, are you aware of the daily guidance from your soul?  No matter how successful you are outwardly, if you do not have the answers to these questions, you might feel that something is missing in your life.

Soul Coaching is a powerful program and process.  It’s primary aim is to clear away your inner debris in order to connect you with the wisdom of your soul.

Life unfold in a remarkable, and almost magical way.  Synchronistic events and seeming “coincidences” will begin to expand exponentially in your life – the events in your life are not accidents. 

Soul Coaching…

  • takes you to your spiritual source, and helps you find meaning and sacredness in your daily life. 
  • allows you to take an honest and deeper look at yourself, your life, face fear, release old negative patterns, get motivated, and step bold and joyfully into your future. 
  • is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer.  It helps you clear away mental and emotional clutter, so you can hear the message from within.
  • helps you to discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that purpose.


Unlimited Power – Tony Robbins


  • We must get ourselves in a different psychological state to do things beyond our limit.
  • We want something in life because deep down, we believe how that thing will make us feel. (eg: feel ALIVE/PASSION)



  • Our body teaches our mind about emotions.


  • If we change our body’s emotions/motion, we get different results.

Eg: People remember where they are on ‘special day’ because there’s emotion involved.


  • Emotion don’t just happen, you got to do it!
  • Our body emotion creates the result. 
  • Most people do not have enough draw (pull) to their goals.  They often push through them, which is tougher.


  • What you don’t use, you will lose it.  Eg: courage…passion…


  • State is the basis of performance!
  • Radical change in physiology and focus change the state immediately.
  • To change our state, we need to change what we are focusing on.


  • A decision is a preference if no actions taken!

2) WHAT DOES IT MEAN? (a gift/punishment/lesson to learn… given the happening a meaning creates different feelings)

  • How to get out of a spin is what gonna make a different in our life!
  • When in a spin…focus on where you wanna go, not what you are fearing.
  • Things may not work immediately though you are on the right track.  It will take time.  KEEP GOING…it WILL HAPPEN!!

  PEAK STATE: When you get to that state, things will flow.

  • Know the buttons to your own state, so you’ll know how to trigger the moment.



–  turn ‘should’ to ‘must’
–  human beings always have to get what they must have
–  the moment we change ‘should’ to ‘must’, you raise your standard
–  our body is a reflection of your MUST
–  when we absolutely have to, we will find the must – when there’s a must, you’ll find your way

–  belief is a feeling of a certainty, it is not a certain
–  when we believe in something, we’ll find it

POTENTIAL  –>  ACTION  –>  RESULTS  –>  BELIEF/CERTAINTY (back to potential…)  = The Success Cycle

–  success leaves clues

–  it wasn’t about doing it when it’s easy or during good times, but it’s when you are crushed so badly
–  destiny shapes not during good time, but downtime – how can we pull through those moments
–  certainty:  can be achieved when you keep repeating on something
–  we can change our beliefs by repetition/experience

–  think more on adding value than keep receiving

The Acceptance of Feeling: Working On Yourself

  Life is evolutionary, and we are all “works in progress.”

  • The purpose of live is to awaken and expand our dirmant capacities for love, creativity, and intelligence.
  • When you get in sync with this natural evolutionary urge, you will immediately feel more at peace with yourself – you are no longer purposeless.

  The joy that comes from growth itself is enough to keep you interested in life.

  • To seek personal evolution means you must work on your yourself.
  • Many people tend to make a mistake when beginning to work on themselves.  It is normal to question one’s life, and perhaps decide that changes are required, but questioning can carry over into a non-productive habit – the habit of excessive thinking.

  Working on yourself is not constantly thinking about yourself.

  • The issue of excessive thinking is crucial.  Working on yourself is not primarily analyzing yourself and your motives, or being thoughtfully introspective, or trying to control yourself and do better, or trying to be something you are not.

  Using the mind in this manner is self-defeating.

  • You must learn to subsitute feeling for thinking.  You must learn to sense “what is” through the feeling centre, rather than project “what I expect” through the thinking centre.
  • Many people who think they are working on themselves are deceiving themselves, because they do not have an accurate understanding of what is required.  They spend their time in constant self-evaluation, which merelt makes them absorbed in themselves.

The Acceptance of Feeling: Awakening Self-Acceptance

  One gains the ability to evoke healing power from within, through self-love.  There is no longer craving or searching for love outside oneself; one is complete as one is, feeling love from within.

  • Relationships are approached as a vehicle through which the love within is expressed, rather than as a context in which one seeks to be loved.  Life has become essentially, miraculously changed.
  • Processing is non-dogmatic and compatible with any humanistic psychology with which you may be involved.  As you learn processing, you will gain a technical knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of powerful psychological principles.
  • If you have no personal teacher, assume that you don’t need one at this point in time.  You will surely draw someone into your life at the right time, if you need such a relationship.

The Acceptance of Feeling: Acceptance

  Acceptance means opening to your feelings.  It means that we are open to the experience of the event.

  • Acceptance does not mean automatic approval of any event, whether an inner feeling or the interaction with another person or happening in the outside world.
  • We may retain our intellectual discrimination, preferring that something be different from the way it is now manifesting; however, we do not allow our preference to interfere with the experience.  Because experience takes place on a feeling level, not an intellectual level.
  • As we open ourselves to the full experience of something, on the feeling level, we accept it.
  • The capacity for feeling is of utmost importance.  Feelings are our connection to life; without them, we are stale, hollow, and cut off from true fulfillment.
  • Self-blocking occurs on the feeling level, not the mental or intellectual level.  The feeling level is where we are most unconscious.
  • People who have achieved self-acceptance have developed the capacity for feeling deep, without resistance, whatever is happening in their inner life.  Most of us do not do this, but block feelings from entering consciousness, resulting in emotional imbalance and confusion.
  • When we interact with a person who is self-accepting, we sense that this relationship differs from most.  A self-accepting person has the ability to accept others, to be open to others, and to receive their energy without resistance.  A person who is not self-accepting, cannot do the above.
  • When we meet a self-accepting who accepts is, who does not unconsicously resist us, we experience a revelation.  We can feel that we are being accepted on a deep energy level.  We sense love.  Love is noting more than acceptance, whether of yourself or another person.
  • When unconditional acceptance is part of the therapeutic encounter, it supplies the power of transformation.  Healing occurs because of the power of love.  Psychological blocks dissolve; there is no need to fight them.

The Acceptance of Feeling: Introduction

  • We all want to be whole.  We are too familiar with the sensation of being split, working against ourselves in spite of our best intentions.  When we learn exactly what is to be accepted, confusion and doubt may arise.
  • We all have some concept of ourselves as we would like to be – without certain faults, limitations, or emotional “problems”.  We fight these conditions, fight unhappiness, expecting to be happier if we could get rid of the negative aspects of ourselves.  In fact, by not accepting our negative feelings and conditions; we perpetuate negatively instead of releasing it.
  • Acceptance is a difficult concept to grasp, because we have been trained to resist and fight what we don’t like.  We often ask ourselves these questions: How?  How do I accept my anger?  What does it mean to accept my fear?  How can I resolve my problem if I accept it?

 Feelings are painful and become problems only because they are not accepted, or integrated.  We create pain through resistance and non-acceptance.

  • To go beyond pain, and to enjoy wholeness, we must learn to integrate those parts of life we find painful and would like to avoid.  Once integrated, they are no longer painful, they will add new dimensions to our acceptance.
  • Life becomes richer, resulting in real, not pseudo, spiritual and material prosperity consciousness.  Happiness becomes unconditional.

  Acceptance does not mean you must try to like something you don’t.

  • The essence of processing is to accept your feelings, whatever they are, even your feelings of dislike.  The problem is that you usually resist and reject the feelings, thus creating the pain.

  Unconditional acceptance can be startling and transformative.

When I accept myself and my feelings as they are, I become whole. I am no longer split – fighting or condemning part of myself. The power of self-acceptance and self-love builds within me. I acquire the ability to heal myself and the conditions of my life. I awaken the power of transformation.

The Art of Loving Yourself

  • The shift of motivation can be subtle, but can still result in hampered creativity and eventual self-defeat.

  You can change your mode of perceiving so that life is not seen as something outside yourself that you must battle and control.  Life becomes a reflection of yourself, which you may either accept or reject, in turn accepting or rejecting yourself.

  • When you perceive with acceptance, you allow creative process to begin.  You become the artist, with life as your canvas.  You become the witness to creative information.  You experience the exhilaration of the creative act, and find beauty in the most miserable parts of existence.
  • When you perceive with acceptance, something else is accomplished.  You learn that acceptance is love, and that in accepting yourself and your feelings as they are, you build the experience of love for yourself in a way that could never be done through any other means.

  Loving yourself becomes the healing power that transforms your inner world.  Loving yourself is the highest art.

I understand that my love for myself is the greatest possession I will ever have. Love for myself comes into being only when I accept and experience my feelings as they are, at this very moment, both pleasant and unpleasant. As I welcome my painful self, it heals. Loving myself provides the power for transformation.


The Tree Of Life (Final Chapt)

  • The voice of the fallen angel is so loud that we cannot hear the voice of our spirit, our integrity, our love.  This silent voice is always there.  Before we learned to speak, when we were one and two years old, we listened to this voice.
  • When you are born, you don’t know what you are, but your body knows what it is, and it knows what to do.  This is silent knowledge.  You can feel silent knowledge every time you breathe.
  • You are an angel, and your life is your message.  You can be a messenger of lies, fear, and destruction, or a messenger of truth, love, and creation.  But you cannot deliver lies and truth at the same time.
  • Heaven is a story that we can create when we surrender to life and allow life to manifest without lies.  Heaven is here, and it’s available for everybody, but we need to have the eyes to perceive it.
  • The fruit of the Tree of Life is Life; it is truth.  Life is the only truth; it is the force that is creating all the time.  When you see this force in yourself, and you put your faith in the force, you are truly alive.
  • The truth is not in the story.  The truth is in the power that creates the story. 

  The truth is the real you; it’s your own integrity, and nobody can guide you to that place.  Only you can take yourself there.

  • When the voice of knowledge becomes the voice of integrity, you return to the truth, you return to love, you return to heaven, and live in happiness again.

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes

  • There is another reality right here and now, and it is more than the reality, we can perceive the reflection of emotions coming from every object.  In this reality, what is real is our love.
  • The reality of truth, the reality of love, is a reality that belongs to us.  Before the voice of knowledge, all of us perceived this reality all of the time.  If we don’t see it now, it’s because we are being blinded by all of the lies from thousand of years ago.

  The energy of love is just like the light that comes from the sun.

  • Like sunlight, the emotion of love looks different depending on what is reflecting the love.
  • If you open your spiritual eyes, you perceive what is without the lies.  For you it is no longer a theory that your story is just a dream.  Heaven is the truth, but the story you are perceiving right now is not the truth; it’s an illusion.

  Life is a force you cannot see.

  • You only see the effects of life, the process of life in action.  You don’t see yourself, but you see the manifestation of life in your physical body.  You have the sense of time, but it’s nothing but the reaction of life passing through you.


  • You are life, and not just you, but every animal, every flower, every rock is life, because everything is full of life.  All of us are only living being, and we come from the same place.


Writing Our Story With Love

  • The best way to write your story is with love.

  Love is the material that comes directly from your integrity, from what you really are.

  • When you introduced the agreement of self-respect, many self-judgments end there, and most of the self-rejection ends there, too.  Then you can allow the voice to talk, but the dialogue is much better.  You find yourself smiling and having fun, even when you are just by yourself.
  • When you enjoy the presence of yourself, you love yourself not because of the way you are, but because of what you are.  The more you love yourself, the more you enjoy your life, and the more you enjoy the presence of everyone around you.
  • Every activity of your life can become a ritual of love – eating, walking, talking, working, playing. 

  When everything becomes a ritual of love, you are no longer thinking; you are feeling.  Just to be alive makes you intensely happy.

  When you love yourself unconditionally, you justify and explain everything you perceive through the eyes of love.

  • Your attention is focused on love, and this makes it easy to feel unconditional love for all of the secondary characters in your story.
  • The only way to know love is to experience love, to have the courage to jump into the ocean of love, and perceive it in its totality.  Once your experience love, you can’t find the words to explain what you feel, but you see love coming from everyone, from everything, from everywhere.

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